68 bits of unsolicited advice

“The modern man thinks that everything ought to be done for the sake of something else, and never for its own sake” - Bertrand Russell

In Praise of Idleness - Bertrand Russell

Cross the world 4 times

Creating vs Consuming

Owning your Shadow: Really great tips on relating to the hard parts of yourself. Really great advice on judging others

How to self-publish a book

Skills Programmers Lack

The key to automating processes

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisiton: A great insight into owning a startup by buying a previously started one.

How to manage user feedback: Nice analysis on the use case of different feedback collection tools.

Platforms vs Aggregators


Scraping Bee: A very real and down to earth story. Not everything is 20k/month from day one!


Government as a platform

Glue: The importance of non-technical work and the conflict on career path choosinghttps://www.landen.co/bootstrapping-from-idea-to-ramen-profitability-in-a-year

Unemployed fishing

The gambler who cracked the horse racing code

Social Network effects


Why build X when Y exists?

2 years of indiehacking


Domain Oriented Observability



Hacking a browser game

Building a proxy to get custom permissions on a 3rd party API

Logging in a Node.js Express app

Ask HN: What do you use for authentication

Express Integration Testing with SuperTest

Headless Wordpress

Choose Boring Technology: Grea food for though on choosing what works + the shinny new stuff

Idea generation

A better future: Do you like money or getting paid?