Knowing when to quit: "That company or project you started isn’t working out. You were excited, early customers were excited, but once you launched nothing really happened. Even worse, it’s not a total failure. You made some money. Not enough to grow..."

Learnable Programming: Impressive interactive examples of a better way of learning to program and the pitfalls are not avoiding nowadays.

The forever project

Fuck you startup world

68 bits of unsolicited advice

“The modern man thinks that everything ought to be done for the sake of something else, and never for its own sake” - Bertrand Russell

In Praise of Idleness - Bertrand Russell

Cross the world 4 times

Creating vs Consuming

Owning your Shadow: Really great tips on relating to the hard parts of yourself. Really great advice on judging others

How to self-publish a book

Skills Programmers Lack

The key to automating processes

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisiton: A great insight into owning a startup by buying a previously started one.

How to manage user feedback: Nice analysis on the use case of different feedback collection tools.

Platforms vs Aggregators


Scraping Bee: A very real and down to earth story. Not everything is 20k/month from day one!

Government as a platform

Glue: The importance of non-technical work and the conflict on career path choosing

Unemployed fishing

The gambler who cracked the horse racing code

Social Network effects


Why build X when Y exists?

2 years of indiehacking


Domain Oriented Observability



Hacking a browser game

Building a proxy to get custom permissions on a 3rd party API

Choose Boring Technology: Grea food for though on choosing what works + the shinny new stuff

Idea generation

A better future: Do you like money or getting paid?

Brian Eno and generative music

Big O notation explained as easily as possible