Bret Victor: From the site to the content, inspiration everywhere πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Nick’s Blog: Top Notch Procgen stuff.

The Coding Train: P5.js, Processing and all kinds of cool graphic programming. Also TONS of rainbows, dances and energy.

Here Dragons Abound: Outstanding work on a procedural fantasy map generator. Tons of meat in the posts.

Sebastian Lague: Explorative game coding and some seriously cool graphical programming/procgen etc. stuff. Besides being a kickass teacher, the videos are really well produces. Highly recommend his Youtube channel.

Avinayak: Cool explorations of programming an

Indie Startups

Andrei Azimov: Guy behind Sheet2Site and other projects. [Stats]

Cory Zue: Interesting projects like, Place Card me. [Stats]

Michael Lynch: Guy behing is it Keto. Cool newsletter.

Patt Walls: Guy behind Starter Story

Will Kwan: Found his channel while on a game development curiosity spree. Really cool stuff about his project building besides games too.

Alex West: Fighter and Founder. Really enjoying his longer form writeups like this one


Alex the French Guy: A very particular and "engineeresque" take on cooking.

Bingging with Babish: Recreates and improve movie recipes. Plus great basics and instructional stuff.

Chef Steps: Sous vide πŸ‘¨πŸ».


ADosRuedasPorElAfricaOccidental: A friend travelling around Africa in his bike.